Book Lovers You Needed to Follow Yesterday

Once again, here’s a Top Ten Tuesday that I can get behind. For those who don’t know, T10T is a weekly meme that is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish over at their blog. Each week features a new subject that bloggers are free to discuss at their leisure. This week’s topic allows me to shine the light on some great diverse bookish bloggers and Instagrammers. Once again, I’ve fallen short of the full ten (BARELY), but I prefer quality over quantity. Here are the diverse book bloggers you need to follow (ASAP):


1.) Bookvibes on Instagram: I don’t read much YA, but her photos are fantastic from a purely aesthetic point of view. She has a blog as well, and you can read it here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.02.59 PM.png
Everything is so beautiful. Nothing in my life is this elegant. Ever.

2.) Naz at Read Diverse Books: Naz is amazing, and that’s not hyperbole. Like this blog, it tries to shed a light on books by diverse authors. Despite English being his second language, he’s able to whip out reviews for fantastic diverse books twice as often as me. I can’t tell you enough: subscribe, subscribe, subscribe.

3.)Darkowaa at African Book Addict: Many of you may know that I’ve spent a year in East Africa (on and off). The continent holds a special place in my heart, and I wish I’d gotten more chances to explore regional literature while I was there. I vicariously get my African literature fix through Darkowaa, who seems to have an unparalleled knowledge of African authors and novels.

4.) Resh Susan at The Book Satchel: Like me, Resh Susan seems to read a little bit of everything, and I love that. You’ll find everything from Margaret Atwood to Jhumpa Lahiri on her blog. I enjoy her reviews because they’re just the right length, and they’re always accompanied by adorable photos to keep posts visually appealing. Predictably, her Instagram is also adorable.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.54.30 PM.png
Gabriel Garcia Marquez AND earl grey tea? We’re basically besties already.

5.) Bookish Nerdfighters on Facebook: This is a closed group, so you’ll have to wait a few minutes to be added. Once you’re in, it’s a cute group of readers who love all genres. It’s not particularly notable for diverse reads, but it’s a great community of people who all love to read, and are always ready to provide recommendations.

6.) Symone at Symone Books: She doesn’t post as often as some of the other blogs I’ve highlighted today, but I happen to adore her book choices. Without fail, she’s always reviewing something I have either read, or desperately want to read.

7.) Panels: If, like me, you’re an adult who would LOVE to read more comics and graphic novels, but don’t know where to start– Panels is for you. This page has recommendations for all sorts of graphic novels, as well as conversation on various fandoms. This one is specifically for people who want graphic novels that feature LGBT, feminist, or racially diverse characters. Pakistani Superman? They’ll tell you where to find it. You can also find the YouTube page here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.19.03 PM.png
I was quite serious about the Pakistani Superman. How can you ignore incredible content like this?!


8.) Rincey Reads on YouTube: I’m not a big BookTube watcher, but occasionally I’ll scoot on over to Book Riot’s channel, since they seem to have a great set of contributors. Rincey is one such contributor, who posts to her personal channel every Tuesday and Thursday. I don’t know how she has the stamina for that, but God bless her. She. Reads. Everything. All genres, all nationalities, all everythings. You’ll get a wide array of fantastic diverse literature recommendations and critiques from her, as well.

Honorary mention: It’s Lit Book Club is brand spanking new– seriously, the site just went live yesterday– but it’s already looking great. It’s Lit hopes to focus primarily on black literature, so you know it’s on my radar! You can also find her on twitter at @itslitclub

What other blogs are you completely obsessed with at the moment? Feel free to link them in the comments so I can take a look!

I know I gave y’all a great list of people to look up, but don’t forget to follow BB&GT on Goodreads, Twitter, and Instagram, too!


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  2. Omg, I love Rebecca’s photography! She’s so chill and I feel like she’s kind of underrated to some of the other bookstagrammers. Her theme is definitely darker, but it’s refreshing compared to all the white-background photos you usually see.

    Thanks for stopping by Princessica of Books!

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  3. Cait @ Paper Fury

    Yesss, this linkup is amazing and I’m kind of annoyed I’m on hiatus this week and missed doing it myself. 😛 OH, I love Resh Susan’s blog! Her photos are so totally incredible. #goals And I’m off to check out Bookvibes on instagram because pretty photos of books are my ULTIMATE weakness and I’m NOT EVEN SORRY. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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  4. Ooooh! interesting list! 😀 The photos and readers are all lovely!

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  5. Thank you so much for featuring me. And for your kind words. I love reading through your posts too. Thanks for the other mentions. Hope I find some like minded people.

    Liked by 1 person

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