Ten diverse sites you NEED to bookmark


Hey there everyone! It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday, sponsored by The Broke and Bookish. Check out their site for more things like this! This week’s topic allows me to deviate from the norm, and give y’all a sense of what I’m doing when I’m not doing book-related things. Make no mistake: while this is a “diverse” list, each of these are phenomenal sites even without that modifier.

In no particular order, here are my top 10 diverse time suckers:

  1. Seven Scribes: This website is what I want to be when I grow up. The combined effort of several amazing writers, the content is fantastic. Follow each of the creators on social media to really get the full Seven Scribes experience. “Thank You for Your Unreasonable Demands,” which was recently posted by Victor Ray. Read everything on their site, and if you disagree, the authors are always open on social media for constructive discourse.
  2. Cool Young History: This young couple sold everything to travel around the world on an indefinite honeymoon. Need I say more? Click around to vicariously travel to Amsterdam, Thailand, and everywhere else!
  3. Open Culture: Its header tags it as “the best free cultural and educational media on the web,” and I have a hard time disproving that. If you want language learning options? Start here. Out of copyright audiobooks and e-books? Start here. Old movies to watch on your computer? Start here. And the best part? It’s all legal. It’s not necessarily diverse, but I had to include it.
  4. Shadow and Act: I cannot live without this site. Seriously, I get all of my diverse film news from Shadow and Act, which recently moved to it’s own website. Previously, it was a part of IndieWire, which was recently bought out by another company. Check out their debut of the poster for the highly anticipated “The Queen of Katwe” here.
  5. For Harriet: This site is a great resource for women of the African diaspora. So much good discourse on culture, style and other relevant subjects. For the most part, it’s all well written and well thought out. I’d love to write for them one day. We’ll see.
  6. Angry Asian Man: Don’t let the name of this blog turn you off, because it’s one of the only Asian-centric blogs I know of with great conversations on culture and media. If this list had simply been top 5, I probably still would have included this Angry Asian Man. Keep an eye out for their weekly “Angry Asian” highlights, where they pick someone from the diaspora to spotlight. There’s a podcast as well, in case you listen better than you read.
  7. Black Girl Nerds: This site is exactly what it sounds like, which means I’m in nerdish heaven. They discuss comics, films, and every thing else under the sun. It’s really just great to know that there are other black women out there who hyperventilate when they talk about these things, too! This is another website whose twitter you absolutely have to follow to get the best content and conversation.
  8. OkAfrica: This is Shadow and Act for Africa. Not the diaspora– AFRICA. It’s wonderful, and necessary. Check out their latest article on Black Panther’s Captain America: Civil War appearance.
  9. Feministing: This is one of so many solid feminist-geared websites that I could spotlight, so keep that in mind. They have a little bit of everything here, and even if you don’t really follow the site itself, it’s worth it to follow a few of the frequent contributors. They also have a short and sweet “Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet,” which gives 3 or 4 daily links of feminist-related news.
  10. overnightErwan Heussaff– The Fat Kid Inside: If you like Tastemade, you’re probably familiar with Erwan and my other favorite youtuber, Emmy Eats Japan. He has a website where he chronicled his weight loss journey, specifically the recipes he used. But….I’m most interested in this youtube page here, where he shows those recipes, AND does his “Overnight” series. Think Anthony Bourdain, but condensed into shorter programming. Not to mention, hosted by a 20-something triathlete.

Wild Card: I don’t do podcasts often, but I do love myself some Jessica Williams (from The Daily Show). Here’s her brand spanking new podcast called 2 Dope Queens.


Alright, those are my picks! Any great sites that y’all think I’d love? Put them in the comments! 

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  1. […] 10 Diverse Sites You Need to Bookmark […]


  2. […] 10 Diverse Sites You Need to Bookmark […]


  3. I didn’t know about any of these sites before reading this.I will check them out.I am especially intrigued by OkAfrica.Nice list.


  4. Thanks for the great recs! I’m always looking for new diverse sites.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ooooh nice. I forgot to do my ttt post yesterday, but this was shared in a book diversity group I’m in. Glad I didn’t miss it.


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