Fresh Off the Boat: When parents hurt more than heal

I’ll be honest everyone– I actually read this book a couple weeks ago, and have simply been mulling over what to write ever since. Finally, I figured I’d jump right in, and see if I can make this thought sound coherent.   Despite being loosely based off the text, ABC’s Fresh off the Boat is nothing like the book of the same name by restauranteur Eddie Huang. In the show, Constance Wu, a beautiful actress and thoughtful commentator on the state of Asians in American pop culture, contributes to a comedy about Asian-American life in common suburbs. Viewers laugh along, similarly to…

Book Review | The Conjoined, by Jen Sookfong Lee

While cleaning out her late mother’s deep freezer days after her death, Jessica and her father find a dead body frozen at the bottom. They call the police, who then find a second body upon further inspection. The Conjoined is a fantastic emotionally-wrought crime drama that will get you thinking about everyone around you. Read my review!