Book Review | The Meaning of Freedom and Other Difficult Dialogues, by Angela Y. Davis

One of the most intersectional scholars of our time, Davis covers a diverse range of subjects, including (but certainly not limited to) mass incarceration, transgender rights, and civil engagement. The sum of these varied talks embodies her very specific brand of intellectualism; one which ties together seemingly unrelated sociopolitical dynamics.

2 Book & Tea Giveaways!

I’m doing a giveaway! It’s my first one, so I’m restricting it to people on U.S. soil. Sorry to everyone else, but I’ll get to you once I have worked out the kinks. Here’s the deal: I mentioned a whole lot of books during this past Black history Month, and I want to pass on a little bit of that greatness to my readers. In one post, I mentioned some of the books that I’ve been reading with my book club, while in another, I gave a rundown of what I was going to be reading throughout the month of February. Now…