10 Books for the Literary Traveler

If you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely love traveling. While I’d love to go back to Singapore or Uganda… my bank account has been known to sabotage my plans. In case your checking account is just as evil as mine, here’s a list of old and new books that will transport you all over the world:

Book Review |A House for Happy Mothers, by Amulya Malladi

  I love reading novels where circumstances lump together people from entirely different backgrounds. Pardon the shoddy analogy, but it’s almost like putting together random fruits and seeing if they work as a smoothie (relevant: I’m hungry). That’s what readers get in A House for Happy Mothers, by Amulya Malladi. After multiple heartbreaking miscarriages, Priya and Madhu decide it’s time to try something different. A relatively well-off couple, they decide to find a surrogate mother in India. Not only will this be a less expensive solution after their failed in-vitro fertilization, but they’ll be able to have an Indian woman carry their Indian child,…

Book Review | The Association of Small Bombs, by Karan Mahajan

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars Short Review: The Association of Small Bombs stands out in a wealth of fiction investigating conflict and terrorism. Jumping between multiple perspectives, it gives a rich, long range view of terrorism’s effects. When three young Indian boys take a trip to the market in 1996, only one of them makes it back home. Bloody and nonsensical, Mansoor leaves the bodies of his two friends to walk home alone. The rest of the story changes perspectives over the next couple decades, giving voice to those in the aftermath of just another “small bomb,” the ones abroad that…

Book Review | Awakening Kali, by T.S. Ghosh

Author T.S. Ghosh successfully transports her readers in India, where she follows the life of a cursed woman. This short novel is beautifully written, with characters that will leave you intrigued until the very end. You’ll find yourself scouring the internet for any information at all about Ghosh’s next project.