10 Books for the Literary Traveler

If you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely love traveling. While I’d love to go back to Singapore or Uganda… my bank account has been known to sabotage my plans. In case your checking account is just as evil as mine, here’s a list of old and new books that will transport you all over the world:

Understanding Oppression through Literature: Part 1

In undergrad, I was blessed to attend a college with courses such as Philosophy of Sex and Domination, Native American Philosophy, Refugee Issues,African Diaspora and the World, and The Sociological Imagination. These courses, and readings that accompanied them, were vital in shaping my understanding of oppression and the limitless forms it takes around the world. Here are some of the picks that have stuck with me in the years that have followed. Feel free to add some other ones in the comments. This won’t be the only list like this because I have recommendations for days. Keep an eye out, because I’ll be…

Instead of reading, I watched Confirmation. It was worth it.

I’ve been a little bit slow with books this week. I’ve finished Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time, but still haven’t finished The Association of Small Bombs. I was set to do so tonight, but there’s a good reason why I haven’t. Confirmation. For those unaware, Anita Hill was a law professor who accused then Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment in the workplace. The film, starring Kerry Washington, dissects the case from beginning to end, providing details that were unknown to many. The film is more unbiased than this post will be, humanizing Thomas while still leaving his character stoic…

What got me thinking in March

I write a lot about books, but here’s some of the other stuff I read this past month! Hopefully this will be a new monthly feature. Check it out, and let me know in the comments what got you thinking this month.

My book club read Citizen, and yours should too

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars Short Review: Rankine’s fusion of poetry, prose, and visual art is a fascinating look at everyday racism that will be very familiar to many Americans. Last night was our monthly book club meeting, and let me tell y’all– it was fantastic. Between bites from the moderately successful bibimbap bar, we discussed Citizen: An American Lyric, by Claudia Rankine.  Citizen gained steam after a young black woman was seen reading it during a Donald Trump rally.

5 Books that deserve more shine (and 5 that can go away)

The other day, I hit 200 followers, and 1,000 likes! Thanks everyone for all of the support! Here’s to 200 more followers! I wasn’t diggin’ this week’s Top 10 Tuesday topic, so I switched it up a little bit. I actually think I’m pretty good at representing the books I love, and the books I hate (no one’s ever accused me of hiding my opinions…). Instead of simply doing 10 great books  I haven’t mentioned recently, I’m doing 5 books that deserve more shine, and 5 books that can exit stage left. As always, feel free to leave some additions in…

Audio Gems in ‘The New Yorker Fiction’s’ Archive

My 9-5 job gets pretty monotonous– I just can’t help it! Thank goodness for “The New Yorker: Fiction” podcast. I don’t listen to it as a podcast, instead opting to go on the website and scour the cities for familiar authors and titles. Here, acclaimed authors read portions of other authors work before discussing the story with host Deborah Treisman. It’s simple, but yet oh so perfect. Authors are reading short stories and/or excerpts, making it a great fit for people looking for something to keep them awake while they’re…uploading several thousand documents to an internal database, for example. Interested? I knew you would…

Read like my book club!

While I make a valiant effort, I don’t review every single book that I read. Sometimes, I have far too many books queued up to take the time, or sometimes life holds my calendar hostage. Unfortunately, the books from my book club are most often the ones I skip reviewing. We read such good stuff, I hate that I overlook them on this blog. For those of you who aren’t a part of book clubs, I really cannot recommend them enough. They’re a great reason to read new books, or catch up on ones the whole group forgot to read….