8 Characters Everyone Loves… except me

First off: Congrats to the two winners of the Books & Tea giveaway! They’ve both been contacted, and will have their beautiful little packages sent this week. Thanks so much to everyone who entered! I appreciate the support so much. Hopefully, some of y’all stick around to see what’s coming up! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday was an interesting one: “Ten Characters People Love, But I Just Don’t Get,” or the alternate interpretation, “Ten Characters People Hate, But I Love.” I think I probably have a bunch of these characters, because I tend to be more sympathetic with – characters than most….

Books to Read if You’re in the Mood for Activism

Here’s your daily reminder to enter my Books & Tea Giveaway! Details on this post. I love easy reads– after a long day of reading lengthy and sprawling papers and spreadsheets, sometimes they are just what I need. Other times, however, I’m in the mood for something a little more substantive. Something that gets me deeply entrenched in an issue, or that gets me passionate about a subject. These books satisfy that very specific craving. Whether they discuss immigration, sexism, or minimum wages, each of these will embolden you to take a stand!

Reading Outside of my Comfort Zone

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is particularly important because it helped me realize that I don’t delve outside of my comfort zone too often. Part of this is because, like the typical scorned woman, I’ve been burned too many times by books outside of my comfort zone. Sometimes, I’d just like to go with a book I know will be absolutely fantastic– or at least thought-provoking. That said, here are a couple of books I’ve read recently that were outside of my comfort zone, but still managed to keep me engaged!